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Lawn Care Tips

28 Sep 2012 Padstow 0 Comment

With spring on its way, now is a great time to start rejuvenating your old lawn and taking advantage of the warmer weather. But how exactly do we do this?

Mow Regularly – The first step to a great looking lawn is mowing regularly. When lawns are mowed frequently it helps reduce the build-up of thatch and it also helps to reduce the amount of flowers and seeds that may spread and cause weeds to grow. Overall mowing regularly and frequently will help a lawn look and stay healthy.

Feed It Nutrients – As well as mowing, you also need to make sure your lawns are getting enough good nutrients. The best type of nutrients for your lawn will depend on the type of lawn you have. Ask your local garden shop which type of lawn fertiliser is best for your lawn and with the right nutrients it should keep healthy and strong.

Water It – We all know our lawns need water, but they need just the right amount. Too much water will drown your lawn out and not enough will make it dry up. To figure out how much water your lawn needs, keep adjusting the amount of water you give it until you figure out the perfect amount.

Give it air – Lawns need to breathe just like us, but sometimes they are prevented from doing this due to being constantly walked or driven on. If your lawn isn’t getting enough oxygen it will result in lawn compaction and it won’t look pretty. To remedy this you will need to aerate your lawn every few years. This can be done using a lawn aerating tool, or sometimes a garden fork will do the trick. Ask your local garden store for more advice.

Let there be light – Your lawn needs a good dose of sunlight to thrive. The amount of sunlight your lawn needs will depend on the type of lawn you have, but if you think there are areas of your lawn not getting enough sunlight, try pruning trees and branches to let more light shine through.

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