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Choosing the best heater for your home

2 Jun 2014 Padstow 0 Comment

Winter is here…  It has taken a little longer than usual but it is now getting considerably colder in the Padstow to Picnic Point region over the past few weeks, a lot of local households have been looking for heating options to keep their homes toasty on the inside, whilst the temperatures drop on the outside.

Electric heaters – there is a wide variety of fixed and portable electric heaters available, and the best option for you will largely depend on the size of the area you want to heat. If you are considering buying an electric heater for your home then it is important to pay attention to its energy efficiency rating, as spending more on a reliable energy efficient heater could end up saving you money in energy bills down the track. Generally a reverse-cycle air-conditioner is a good electrical heating option as they use less power than other types of electric heaters, and they have the added benefit of being able to cool in summer.

Gas space heaters – Natural gas and LPG heaters are a good option for heating living areas and produce much less greenhouse gas emissions than electrical heaters. Gas space heaters can be fixed or portable, flued or unflued, radiant or convection (or a combination of both). If you decide to use an unflued gas heater, keep in mind that they have to meet a range of requirements, adequate ventilation being among them. Read the NSW Health Factsheet on Unflued gas heaters for more information. It is also recommended that all gas space heaters are serviced by a licensed gas fitter at least every two years.

Choosing the best heater

Wood fire heaters – The romance of flickering flames by an open fireplace will always be popular, however they aren’t actually a very energy efficient heating option and they release harmful particle emissions. Gas space heaters are much better for the environment than wood fire heaters, but if your heart is set on getting one then opt for a slow combustion heater, as they require less wood and they produce less air pollution. Also be mindful of the type of wood you burn. Small, logs of aged, dry hardwood are best, and remember you should never throw rubbish or treated wood into the fireplace as this can produce toxic gases.

The best type of heater for you will largely depend on factors such as budget and the type of area you want to heat – one room or the entire house? Don’t forget to also keep the environment in mind and choose an energy efficient heater with low environmental impact. If you would like to read further about heating options for your home, the Understanding Heating and Cooling Article on LivingGreener.com.au is a good place to start.

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