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What Makes a Home “Family Friendly”?

5 Jun 2012 Padstow 0 Comment

Asking someone what makes a home “family friendly” can be a subjective to the person, but generally speaking there are some main features of a property that are widely taken as qualities of a family friendly home.



So if a family friendly home is one that needs to be suitable for one or many children to grow up in, from infancy to teenage-hood, here are the things that we believe make up the main qualities that home should have:

  1. A close proximity to desirable schools, amenities, shops and parks. If you’re searching on our Professionals Padstow website, you can use the ‘Walkscore’ feature on each property to see how it rates for walking distance to different types of facilities including eateries, schools, entertainment, parks, banking, shopping and more.
  2. A family orientated neighbourhood. Talk to your preferred agent about the demographics of the area you’re buying in, having plenty of other families around you can help you build a network of friends and also help keep the neighbourhood safer for your kids to grow up in.
  3. Accessibility to transport and car accommodation. Whether it’s for getting to day care, school or work, having a reliable transport network or somewhere to park your car/s is important.
  4. Adequate area for your child or children to play indoors and outdoors. A home with a large, secure backyard, room for a play set or an undercover area outside, plus a separate rumpus or living area inside may be desirable for families who want to maintain space in the home.
  5. Necessary number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can’t underestimate the necessity for an additional or separate bathroom and toilet. The more people in your home, the more likely there are to be issues when the bathroom is occupied, so having enough amenities in the home to accommodate everyone is recommended.

One of the greatest things about Padstow and the surrounding suburbs is that there are lots of family friendly homes like that described above. Whilst not all properties will tick 100% of the boxes, you can generally find something to suit your needs by weighing up what you absolutely need in a property and then looking for the added bonuses or budgeting to renovate or add onto the existing property at a later date when the kids get older.

If you’d like to chat property or anything “Padstow to Picnic Point”, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us by email, our blog, facebook page, twitter, or phone 9771 4555.

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